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  • New version SeDiv5607

    New version SeDiv5607
    For 2021
    Support All Windows 32 Bit And 64 Bit
    Support AHCI
    Add Power Management (USB-COM)
    Add SeDiv.ini section [DEF] add
    1-update Seagate
    – Passport Edit
    – Add Family
    — Angsana 5400
    –Kahuna 5400
    — Kahuna 7200
    — LuxorLPus
    – Update Virtual Rom
    – Cut Head Bacall
    -Cut Head Granada
    – Update Minizone All Family
    – Update Sector Edit
    – Update Auto AFH
    – Update VBAR
    -Update Translator LBA to CHS
    — LBA to PBA
    –PBA to LBA
    – Update SModPg
    – Model Table Edit
    – Detect Family Busy Hdd
    - Updateted DAC and AHF Edit
    – Add Terminal Power For on and Off hdd

    Add Edit Save Mode Page (button "SModPg" - blue color)
    Add Minizone with add minizone to NG-List and P-List
    Add Menu "SCRIPT CMD" - action file loceated in "Resource\SeagateF3\Actions"
    Add Menu UnLock Option
    Pached Flash (this version moved adaptives)
    Unlock Flash and Identify Hdd (Send HandShake Code - we collect many value HandShake code - 50% good result)
    Unlock Flash Only (Send HandShake Code - we collect many value HandShake code - 50% good result)
    Lombard, Megalodon Unlock by terminal command

    Add Menu Head MAP Edit:
    Logical Head MAP
    Physical Head MAP
    SAP Seettings
    Add Button Read/Edit/Write Save Mode PAge by Terminal (Read Module SYS).

    - Add Translation LBA(PBA)-CHS for type Grenada SSHD
    Add AutoDetect MiniZone Type (Selected Option Type 0)

    2- Support WD

    - Updated CHS Scan - add checkbox RSC (Rescan Time out Cylinder)
    - WD: Read/Write Flash by Terminal

    3-Support Hitachi ARM
    4- Support TOSHIBA
    - Add family 3.5 HDWE1XX
    - Add family 2.5 HDWJ1XX
    - Add family 2.5 MQ01XXX MQ02XXX
    -Update Toshiba MQ04ABF1xx
    - All vendor add Test(VF - Verify, RD - Read, WR - Write) First 256 LBA each zone/minizone

    5- Support SAMSUNG
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    what is the password?


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      Originally posted by fgabriel2 View Post
      what is the password?
      hi sir
      password is 01234567890


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        Heloo sir,
        howmuch for purchace and its one time payment or yearly thank for attention