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The rules of the HDD LAND community

General rules:
1. All users should use proper words to use in their username when registering on the site.
2. Site users should use appropriate words when posting messages in forums. If you find the words inappropriate and inappropriate, the user's subscription will be deleted at the earliest opportunity and his access to the forums will be disconnected.
Topic topic should in itself be the indicator of content and topic discussions. Please note when creating the topic that your topic is more relevant to other users.

4. If you want to post a story from another site, be sure to mention the source.
5- Please select the appropriate forum when asking your questions and refrain from asking your questions in unrelated associations.
6. Please, put them separately when designing your questions, that is, if you have different questions, consider them in several separate issues and refrain from asking all questions in one topic.
7. Please refrain from using words and sentences that will discourage the user being questioned when answering questions.
8. Please refrain from posting any questions that make it (or question) busy if you do not know the answer to a question.
9. Do not write a question in different associations.
10. Any activity (posting, sending pictures, etc.) that is offensive to a particular race or ethnic group is prohibited and will be addressed to the victim.
11. Any disrespect for users, administrators, or other legal and other entities is prohibited and will be addressed to the user concerned, and, if necessary, his access to the associations will be discontinued.
12. Avoid addressing the community's marginal issues and interfere with the way you manage it.
13. If it is detected, the activities of a user are contrary to the laws or the interests of the association, and pursues certain destructive purposes, without being told that his access will be interrupted forever!
14. Any post and propaganda topic is illegal and the author will be denied by the reminder forever!
15. Avoid placing the advertisement of your site, product, and services in the signature. Otherwise, your signature will be erased, and if the user repeats this, the user's access to the signature will be discontinued. Detection was illegal. A signature is up to the managers.
16. Copying the contents of other sites solely on the pretext of introducing a site or forum as a source contrary to the rules and will be addressed to the management.
17. Referring users to other forums, blogs and other sites to answer their questions, download links and ... are against the rules and will be addressed by management's discretion.
18. Each user has the sole right to choose and use a "user ID" and, in the event of a user's activity with two or more user identities, all his user IDs will be deleted without prior notice!
19. If you view topics and offensive posts, or in contravention of the rules, refrain from discussing and answering, and only inform the subject through the report link.

20. If a user fails to comply with any of the above laws and has violated these rules, none of the other users shall have the right to notice the user and notify them of their mistakes, and the reminder is for the administrators and site administrators only. Users can share with private messages, violations, bugs, and more.
21. The responsibility of all the files, images and etc. that are exchanged through the site is the responsibility of the sender's user, and the management of the site in relation to such issues has no obligation in terms of being healthy, not being viruses and ... . does not have. We suggest that you check after downloading files and ... before using them with software that is responsible for virus scanning and file scanning.
22. For more security, use the forums to get answers to questions. If you are directly connected to a user through email, chat, or any other way, the site administration will not be liable for any potential problems.
23. Managers and associates have the necessary access to edit and delete topics and posts and restrict users of misconduct and are not required to respond to management for management activities!
24. The responsibility for the content submitted by users, and even the administrators and supervisors of the site is for themselves and is by no means the opinion or the content of the site owners. This is a matter of course and the nature of the chat site is as relevant.
25. Site administrators will not interfere in any way with users' issues and disputes, and the user disputes are related to themselves and should be dealt with outside the forum environment and strongly refrain from bringing fights to threads and posts in non-users. This will be alerted to them and will be addressed in repeat.
26. All general rules of the forum are subject to social groups and user profiles.
27. Avoid creating and participating in groups that do not pursue any purpose and are merely a place for sending unwanted content (spam). In case of viewing such groups, in addition to removing it, it will be encountered by the group's creator and crew.
28. Regarding the possibility of confirming the posts and comments of others in personal profiles, refuse to approve unlawful, offensive, propagandistic, etc. posts and, if you observe such cases (without confirmation of the relevant post), subject Report the "Report Abuse" link.
29. Each association may have its own rules and regulations

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